In this past year of my 8th grade, I have had so many great memories and stories. I remember my first day of 8th grade; I walked through those two red doors I’ve walked through a billion times before, with an enormous wave of butterflies. Seeing all my friends made me relax, as I jumped into their arms laughing and everyone telling their summer stories. Now every time I think of them and all of our great memories through the 10 years I’ve been here, it lightens me and I can’t help but smile.
Even outside of school, they are still crazy and wild at heart. We usually go to Big Sur and those trips are always fun. We always jump off this one rock into a freezing cold river. Then we go rafting down the river in one long chain. I remember we all tried squeezing into this one small tent and we just listened to music all day in that crowded tent. But it didn’t matter to any of us because at least we were all together.
I remember in third grade, my best friend Madeline and I were playing on the playground at extended care. She was eating a granola bar and asked me to hold it because she wanted to show off her cool new trick she learned on the monkey bars. So as she was getting ready for her trick, I looked over my shoulder and saw a huge swarm of bees. To me it felt like there were a million (then again I was in third grade)! At that point I didn’t care about Madeline’s trick and sprinted for my life to the extended care building. I remember I was so scared and panicked so I just threw the bar at the bees. Even today Madeline and I still laugh at that experience we shared.
That is only one short story through my years at holy cross and there are so many that still bring a smile to my face. Every student is what makes our class the “rockin class of 2012!”
I have also learned a lot from this year. Enjoy everything and make every second count because time can just fly by like two shakes of a lamb’s tale. No matter how mad you can be at your friends, they’ll still be there to make you laugh and smile no matter the situation. I couldn’t ask for a better 8th grade class.

Class of 2012


Should Schools Start Later in the Morning?

I think that schools should start later in the morning around 9:00 because it gives a chance for the student that stay up late doing homework to sleep in. The students wouldn’t be falling asleep in class and would have full focus during their lessons. They would also have a lesser chance of being late. They have more time for breakfast and less traffic in the mornings.

In general, teens need their sleep! Lack of sleep causes teens to have emotional distress. Sleep is very important for the average teen because it helps them to be more awake and better ready to learn. Although this might seem like no big deal, sleep deprivation can have serious consequences. Tired teens can find it difficult to concentrate and learn, or even stay awake in class. Too little sleep also might contribute to mood swings and behavioral problems.

It is proven that your mind isn’t ready to learn until at least 11:00 a.m. This also leads to better study time and better grades. I could go on and on with reasons school should start later. Plus no one likes waking up to the sound of a buzzing alarm clock!


My all time favorite type of music is  Hip Hop/Rap. But the artists are a huge part of what makes it so unique. My mom always tells me it all sounds the same and that rap has no meaning. But that’s not true. I tell her to listen closer and now her least favorite rapper became someone she admires (Eminem).